Develop plugins in monorepository - DEVELOP command

I have the monorepo with multiple Strapi plugins. Its structure is something like this
│ └─plugin1
│ └─plugin2
│ └─sandbox

sandbox here is the Strapi instance. plugin1 and plugin2 are linked to that sandbox with yarn link command. So I have symlinks to them in the /node_modules.
Why so? I still think about each plugin as a separate package and they connected to the development Strapi in the same way as they would be in real projects.
But I have a problem here.
STRAPI DEVELOP command is built for ignoring /node_modules/. So any changes I made in plugin folders won’t reload the Strapi.
Of course I can create symlinks to the /src/plugins/ folder and it will fix my problem. But I still want to keep connecting plugins as packages, not as local plugins.
Maybe I’m missing something, how my goal can be achieved easily?