Development process with production running

Hi guys I would to know how is the best way to develop in this kind of situation

I’ve a production server running, and for exemple I need a new content type or add a field in one that already exists, how could I do that? to put it on production I just uploaded everything to server with a backup/restore for database but right now I can’t replace my production DB with develop DB. Since the content type build does not run on production env I don’t want to stop the production process put it on develop and then set it to production again, how can I solve that?

Hi Rodolpho, local changes you make in the content type builder will be persisted as config files in /api/[model-name]/models/[model-name].settings.json. When you release these files (or all files) to the production env the database will be updated accordingly during bootstrap. So no database migration necessary!