Developper Experience

I tried to integrate Strapi for a few projects, but I am disappointed with de developer experience. I noticed that the majority of the configuration is located in the database in json columns. The issue is that if I want to add versioning to my configuration, I can’t.

The point that really makes me hesitate to switch to another tool like Keystone or even Hasura (even if it would need some additional code) it the integration with simple tools. For example, I want to be able to start a new instance fully configured to run my tests with Cypress but I need to add a lot of bootstrap code just to create my permissions on the app start. And all the functions that I need to use is almost not documented !

I know there are some ways to add some code in the bootstrap function but why isn’t it handle in a file? It would be so much easier!

And the Typescript experience that makes everything as any by default in the configuration files is really bad. Typescript should be a standard and writing fully typed code on an untyped API feels really bad.

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