Difference between Strapi and Firebase

What difference/benefit does Strapi offer over Firebase apart from the admin panel?

If I build a blog or an app with Firebase Vs. Strapi what does Strapi offer more.

Strapi is self hosted, thus you control the entire application and it’s data. Due to it’s self-hosted nature, you can quite easily scale Strapi horizontally for much cheaper.


I think it also depends on the programming skills level. For example Strapi can save me time on various aspects where I might have trouble. This would be like how to represent the rich text fields, or other complex fields in the database. Also building connections and specifying their type, that they appear in all the affected table is really useful. The text editor and the already prebuilt user roles also help in starting quickly to write and make your content.

Yup exactly but it also makes sense to those with a higher skill level as well. :wink:

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