Different languages - any limit?

Hi guys
I have been looking for a headless CMS to my liking, and Strapi seems very nice. My one question is if Strapi has any hard limit to how many simultaneous languages an object can be translated to at the same time? I have a site that needs to support each object in at least 150 different languages/regions. The other systems I have looked at have eventually ended up having some kind of hard limit (f.ex. at 64 or 128). Does anyone know the internals here well enough to know if Strapi has some limit here?

There isn’t any imposed limits no, other than the current set of locales we support:

We have not performed any performance testing to say, creating an entry for every locale (as it’s extremely unlikely)

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Thanks for your quick reply. Am I able to add locales myself? Like f.ex. “en-CN” for “English (China)” or similar? Or should I just hack this JSON file and make sure it is kept in later upgrades?

For now we don’t have an easy way to modify this file (I’ve already shared some feedback to our product team about this) and right now the best method would be through an npm-patch:

Since the file is located in a folder that is not checked by our current extensions system. Those locales are based on the (I think) ISO 639-5 set: ISO 639-5 - Wikipedia

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Thank you. You have been very helpful :slight_smile:

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