DigitalOcean App Platform - unable to to start with yarn develop

I’ve deployed Strapi (latest version - 4.24.4) to the DigitalOcean App platform - all seems to work well when starting it up with the “yarn start” command, but if I change it to “yarn develop”, then it will not deploy - I get a message that tells me it’s failing the “Health Checks”. Looking at the Health Checks parameters, the only one which has been set is the true URL of the application, and it is correct. No other error codes or messages were given. Can anyone tell me why using the develop script on a DigitalOcean app would fail (while using the start script succeeds)?

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You shouldn’t deploy Strapi in development mode especially on app platform. The content types will get wiped

No, that’s not true. This has worked sporadically in the past and never erased content types. Do you know why I’m getting the health check?

I work for Strapi and yes that is true. We don’t support deploying Strapi in development mode. If you do so, you are on your own. We won’t help or fix any bugs related to doing that.