DigitalOcean One Click app. How to manage?

System Information
  • Strapi Version: v3.4.1
  • **Operating System **: macOS
  • **Database **: PostgreSQL
  • Node Version:
  • NPM Version:
  • Yarn Version:

Hi all!

I use Strapi by DigitalOcean One-Click app. it’s awesome but I have some troubles. How I can to manage it? I mean I don’t have folder (like when quick star app created) and haven’t any files.

For example, I need “./api/default/services/default.js” from this answer Simple nested array issue - #4 by DMehaffy but I can’t do it because I even haven’t folder!


See the one-click docs:

The application is located in /srv/strapi/strapi-development and is owned by the strapi service user

Do not try and modify the application files as the root user or you will break the application, change over to the strapi service user following the docs.

Thanks, but I havent /srv/strapi/strapi-development :((((

I just spun up a test one-click app on DO:

That’s where the project should exist the install log should be there /srv/strapi/install.log while it’s setting things up, once it’s done that gets moved to /root/install.log

Unless you moved the project or the one-click didn’t setup successfully thats the path it should be at.

You can use the pm2 info command to see where the running process is (using the pm2 process ID)

Your not connected to the remote server, you are on your Mac. You need to ssh to the server.