Disabling File Versioning in Strapi CMS: How to Replace Uploaded Excel Files in S3



I’m currently utilizing Strapi as a CMS to enable users to upload Excel files to S3. I am following a tutorial, which can be found here. The tutorial has been effective in my case, as I have successfully uploaded a file from Strapi to an S3 bucket. However, I would like to disable file versioning for the uploaded file.

Initially, my file is named “data.xls,” but after uploading it to the S3 bucket, the file’s name changes to “data_somestring.xls.”

My objective is to replace the existing “data.xls” file with the newly uploaded one, without enabling file versioning. I hope that whenever I upload an Excel file through Strapi, if it has the same file name, it will automatically replace the file with the matching name.

Could you kindly provide guidance on how I can accomplish this?

Thank you very much for your assistance.