Discord webhooks

hey, is it possible to send notifications to discord with strapi webhook integration when my API is updated? I get how the webhooks work with strapi but I just can’t get it to send anything to discord.
Here is the error I get:
{"message": "Cannot send an empty message", "code": 50006}
hope that makes sense!

Not with the native webhook feature due to the body not matching the Discord requirements (it’s something we are planning for the v2 of the webhooks feature).

However you could modify the existing controllers/service, but the easiest option is custom webhook implementations using the lifecycles (in this case probably afterCreate, afterUpdate, afterDelete, ect).

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Did this ever get updated or did you ever get it working Jay?

I did. I used Discord.js directly and respective hooks within Strapi to send messages.

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