Discussion of Hook-Redis for GQL-Subs, Rate Limits, and Caching

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Describe the topic

What this topic is about:

  • Current Status of the Strapi-Hook-Redis package
  • What needs to be done to get it up to a functional level within Strapi
  • The usecases the redis hook could be used for
  • Building a group of people who want to help build up these features

Your suggestions for this topic

After doing quite a bit of background research on Redis and how other projects and companies are using it, I’ve come to the conclusion that Strapi would benefit greatly from doing a nice refresh on the redis hook package (it was carried over from Strapi v1 and thus is legacy code).

A few ideas that come to mind as follows:

  • GraphQL Subscription caching and state tracking example
  • Koa-Ratelimit globally on all APIs with blacklist/whitelists (not just the admin login, and allows scaling across Strapi clusters)
  • User state tracking for things like JWT-Refresh tokens and token de-auth (again for scaling)
  • Low response time DB query cache for DBs such as MySQL and PostgreSQL

What I believe needs to happen:

  1. The redis hook package needs some fairly critical package updates mainly for supporting things such as Redis clusters and Sentinels
  2. Code additions need to be added so that redis is not required but is an optional feature (not everyone is using Strapi in a cluster, so in local memory, or even in the database storage is fine)
  3. Discuss other possible problems that allow redis to become a solution to.

My goal with this discussion is to find those interested in these features and are willing to help to build a team to work on them as the Strapi team themselves are quite busy with higher priority features and bug fixes (And at the moment they only have a single backend developer who is quite busy already).

Additional context
Excellent talk about how Box is using redis within their stack: Redis is Dead Long live Redis! - YouTube

Responses to the discussion on Github


I’m working on an external session storage for my app, and I would like to help.
I’m thinking about a middleware that extract sid from cookie and swap for a JWT.


For those interested in caching, it appears someone has already created a middleware for it (recently): GitHub - patrixr/strapi-middleware-cache: A cache middleware for https://strapi.io

I’ve also opened a discussion with the author about supporting Redis Clusters: patrixr/strapi-middleware-cache#1


Any news on this?

If Redis is still not supported, what other options do we have right now? Only cookie?

I’m also using MongoDB with Strapi, so even that would be a good session store for me.

Great news about caching, btw!


I was digging into the session middleware and there is a lot of technical debt there, I plan to bring it up with the backend engineering teams to discuss what our plans are. No news to share yet though.