Do strapi support node 16?

Hi I’m currently using strapi 3, do strapi support node 16 ? since node 16 is now LTS ?


I use node 14 LTS and it works correctly from strapi v3 to strapi v4

hello, thanks for your answer but I want to use node 16, is this possible ?

strapi v3 does not support node v16 I just checked for you

But strapi v4 uses node v16


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Our v3 doesn’t, our v4 does however we have a known bug with node 16 if you don’t have yarn installed: Strapi V4 not working with Node 16 + npm7/8 (without yarn installed globally) · Issue #11729 · strapi/strapi · GitHub


thank you for your reply

thanks all have a great day :blush:

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hey I just installed Strapi, it works, but the [Strapi-provider-upload-cloudinary] wont instal. I have node v16.13.2, npm 8.1.2, i installed Strapi with “latest” so it should be v4, right?
but when I try to instal the cloudinary provider I get this :

any helkp?