Documentation for `strapi-helper-plugin`

Hi all,

Looking at plugins from the core code, it seems like strapi-helper-plugin contains a lot of useful, well, helpers for developing plugins :sweat_smile: Is there any documentation that details how to use this helper?


Hi, elhil
Did you find anything about strapi-helper-plugin ?
I’m find only example of usage at this place:

Currently, there is no documentation for the strapi-helper-plugin, but the best solution is to dig in the code and see what each exported function does.

Yup. This is sort of just what coding in strapi is at the moment.


Do you know where I should put files to override strapi-helper-plugin?

The best thing, even to help to other people to create more and more Strapi plugins, is documenting this package since it is the core of many different plugins.


It’s a good idea to clone the strapi repository locally and dive into sources of packages/strapi-helper-plugin/lib/src. You can also help the community with documentation of this part of strapi.

strapi/packages/strapi-helper-plugin/lib/src at master · strapi/strapi · GitHub

Actually, it is good if the package comes with a proper documentation, also, as they know they package better than anyone, they are the ones who can documentate it in best way.

There is still no documentation for @strapi/helper-plugin, right?

If someone wants to go with your approach, I think this is the new location within the strapi project:


We are still waiting for this, is very important for developers.


This would be very helpful indeed!

Hi! Thanks again for bringing up this topic.
There was a PR open a while ago that aimed at documenting a lot of Strapi internals.

The Strapi Documentation team, who maintains and its repository, unfortunately, does not have the capacity to work on these highly technical topics for now without a significant contribution from the Engineering team. However, as the Lead Technical Writer at Strapi, I’ve passed the request to the Engineering team.

FYI, engineers started maintaining a more contributor-oriented documentation, hosted at and in the strapi/strapi repo. It is far from complete but will grow over time, and some parts might be ported to

The Strapi Documentation team is at reduced capacity right now, and we’re doing our best to maintain & update the existing docs while improving the UX of the docs website. Please keep the feedback coming! It helps prioritize and focus on what matters to the community :hugs: