Documentation is WRONG! | How to set defaultFrom for strapi email plugin | Set strapi email plugin config | Change strapi email plugin default provider

is not true! Providing a file under /config/plugin.js does not change the email provider!

In order to change the defaultFrom or defaultReplyTo or anything else, you need to put following code inside the register function found in “./src/index.ts”

should look like this:

register(/*{ strapi }*/) {

    strapi.config.set('', {

      provider: 'strapi-provider-email-smtp',

      providerOptions: {

        host: ('MAIL_HOST'), //SMTP Host

        port: 465, //SMTP Port

        secure: true,

        username: `${('MAIL_USERNAME')}@${('MAIL_DOMAIN')}`,

        password: ('MAIL_PASSWORD'),

        rejectUnauthorized: true,

        requireTLS: true,

        connectionTimeout: 1,


      settings: {

        defaultFrom: `${('MAIL_USERNAME')}@${('MAIL_DOMAIN')}`,

        defaultReplyTo: `${('MAIL_USERNAME')}@${('MAIL_DOMAIN')}`,




this will work! If you do this, the provider will change, you can see the changes under http://localhost:1337/admin/settings/email

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Please open a issue for this on the strapi docs repo on github

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