Does Strapi 5 facilitate multi-tenancy?

I’m considering using Strapi as the backend for a system involving multiple schools, teachers, and students. In my scenario:

1 - Every database entry needs to include the user’s ID who made the entry.
2 - Additionally, each entry must also include the ID of the school the entry pertains to.

For example, if a teacher records an absence for a student, I need to store both the teacher’s ID and the school’s ID in the database.

  • Does Strapi 5 offer any features or improvements that make implementing multi-tenancy easier?
  • Is it possible to generate unique tokens for each user to access the API, ensuring that both user ID and school ID are captured correctly?

I am new to Strapi and am transitioning from Directus.

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We don’t currently support or recommend multi-tenancy. The best option to have proper separation of concerns as every tenant has its own strapi instance