Does the google auth provider work for the strapi admin?


I can see information regarding the Google Auth provider in the documentation but it all seems to be for frontend authentication. Is there a way to swap out the strapi username/password login and use an OAuth provider like Google to have CMS users login?

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Currently, it’s not possible.

As mentioned by @sunnyson (which targets a comment I made in another thread)

At this time we don’t currently have plans to open up other auth methods into the Admin panel, but you are more than welcome to build your own solution.

Thanks for the replies! Well that’s disappointing. I can understand wanting to charge for some features, but making it only on the Gold plan seems a bit restrictive. I know a lot of smaller businesses who use Google’s gsuite for their authentication everywhere who wouldn’t need the EE Gold plan beyond SSO. They’re not exactly enterprise-level customers.

My humble suggestion (read: wish), allow 1-2 SSO options on the other paid plans (Google and maybe another?) and then the rest could be on EE Gold?

In the meantime I’ll look into seeing if it’s something we can build ourselves. Is there a documentation page that would help point me in the right direction to get started?

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@Jordie this is a topic that we brought up internally and it’s certainly not off the table, we just didn’t have time to do something like this for the v1SSO.

Sorry to revive an old thread here – are there any docs on where to start for building your own solution for auth methods to the admin panel? I’ve had a look through the Strapi developer docs but couldn’t find anything relevant.

We don’t because you can’t directly extend the strapi-admin package without forking it currently (backend logic).