Dokku Postgres DB Images

Would anybody help here.

Why on redeploy of Strapi inside Dokku, the Database images do not stay?
It should stay because DB and App are separate containers.

Thank you

I followed mostly these instructions:

For example, post data, stay. But Images are lost.
That must be something with strapi.

Hi @dimatic, did you look into my recommendations here as well? Additionally does the database become completely empty after you redeploy or only the images disappear?

@Richard_Nsama thanks. Yes, only images. Text, and all other data will be still visible in strapi after a redeploy.

I think it is sth with Strapi, because DB stays and is isolated from app’s container. They are just linked, such that App’s Container gets DATABASE URL via .env.

Now I used for images Cloudinary and it worked. But as I said I would like to have locally or on mounted storage on my Herzner Cloud Server.

Simply, because performance is many times better and faster.

Btw. I had Heroku, and I was not satisfied with performance. Maybe it is because Europe, but in my opinion, Hetzner is such greate option, and do not know why nobody does not write about it.