Don't receive an email when I request to reset backend admin password

We have Strapi hosted on and when I click on Forgot Password to reset the admin password, I don’t get an email to reset it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Have you setup the email plugin?


Install email provider plugin,

Goto “config/plugin.js” configure email by providing these

    email: {
    provider: EMAIL_PROVIDER,//
    providerOptions: {
      host:  ('EMAIL_SMTP_HOST'), //SMTP Host
      port:  ('EMAIL_SMTP_PORT', 587), //SMTP Port
      auth: {
        user: ('EMAIL_SMTP_USER'),
        pass: ('EMAIL_SMTP_PASS'),      },
    settings: {
      defaultFrom: ('EMAIL_ADDRESS_FROM'),
      defaultReplyTo: ('EMAIL_ADDRESS_REPLY'),    },

For more information refer strapi email configuration doc