Doomed deletion of the Strapi app in a VPS

Hi Strapiers!

I’ve made something absolutely stupid… With a bad bash script I have unfortunately deleted with rm -rf 3/4 Strapi apps that I’ve made that were serving as a headless CMS for some Gatsby websites.

Is there any way I can recover the apps from the database?

Please avoid telling me how stupid I am, I know already.

I’ve searched in the web but didn’t find any definitive answer.

Thanks a lot!

Bruh… :upside_down_face:
Okay, if your databases aren’t damaged, just open them and take a look at the tables. Table names are pretty obvious and you should be able to see your content.

I guess it will be possible to (somehow) recover by doing these:

  1. create a new Strapi app
  2. create the content types
  3. import the data from your previous database (either import it to db or use a plugin like Import Export Entries | Strapi Market)
  4. Always take backups :slightly_smiling_face: