Dynamic Zones with different locales

Hi There!

I’m using Dynamic Zones to dynamically build up my pages with Componetns. And we are also translating our content with the i18n Plugin.
I’m facing the issue, that as soon as I add another local the whole structure and content of the dynamic zone is gone for the new local & I would have to build it up again.

Of course I can press the “fill from another locale” - that gets in the Structure - but as soon as I then would need to add (e.g. another button, or other component) - I would have to go into every single locale and do this action again :frowning:

This workflow feels very unconfortable and space for erros. What is your workflow and why is the Dynamic Zone Content not in Sync between the different locales?

Thx for your help!

As far as I know, there is no other way to handle localized fields.