E-commerce website with Nuxt.js, GraphQL, Strapi and Stripe (3)

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This tutorial needs an update! All links posted (be it to the next chapter of the tutorial or the link to the github repo) do not work. Also, the way the tutorial names things that are supposed to be part of strapi, is simply wrong. There is no “Add Content Type” button, and after creating a model, there is no “Save”, but a “Continue” button. This tutorial also does not specify whether to create a single or a collection type.

The animated gifs are most definitely a lot of work, but they are too small /and therefore unreadable) and too fast. So they unfortunately are of no help at all.

Please improve those things, because this tutorial deserves it! Thank you!

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Thanks for the heads-up @rowild we are in the process of updating all our tutorials for Strapi v4. We’ll keep you posted.

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Can I help somehow?

absolutely, this particular post is taken but we have details here on how to contribute to updating others.

@malgamves Oh great! I look into it and get back to you ASAP.

There is a typo on the restaurant folder. It should read restaurants.
The // comments on the template also shows up on the page. It should be wrapped in <! / >