Easier way to translate relation fields

So I understand that right now with i18n all relation fields have to be translated in v4, due to some fundamental ways the backend is structured, as per this issue:

Which mentions that this will likely not change in v4.

My problem is I have content types with lots of relations to big collections, and I really just need to translate text fields, but every time to add a translation for an entry I have to manually find every relation in the second locale and enter it, which is extremely tedious.

If we do have to add relations per translation in the backend, I feel like there must be a way to automate this a little, the “Fill in from another locale” button will only fill in text fields, but could it not also go through all relations, and for each relation find the localized entry for that relation in the target locale and add a relation to that?
Would it be possible to add this functionality in a plugin or similar, has anyone looked into something like this?

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After checking again, I noticed that a plugin I’m actually already using seems to offer this functionality:

It’s broken for the latest version of Strapi but I think this should be a good solution in principle


Exactly my problem. I’d like to migrate from Wagtail, where I have a tree structure of pages in 4 languages. I’ve successfully created and filled the data in English, but for every translation, the relations to parent/children pages are lost and must be created in other locales before they can be populated… That way it is impossible to really translate the tree without starting from scratch for each locale…