Elasticsearch and Strapi: How to create "geo_point" type fields using Strapi cms

I’m pretty new on the React/NodeJs world. That being said, i’m working on an application that is using Strapi (v3.6.7) as the CMS and we are also using ElasticSearch (v7.15). And i’m using the following puglin to use the elastic search engine in strapi: GitHub - marefati110/strapi-plugin-elastic: The elasticsearch plugin allows you to easily synchronize your database with elasticsearch

The problem: I’m tring to perform a search using geo_points on elastic search. When i manually create the geo_point field on the index that i using, the search works perfectly. But the problem is that on strapi there is not way to create a field with this “geo_point” type required for elastic search, and then my search won’t work.

The question: Does anyone know how to create geo_point field’s type using strapi?

Thanks in advance