Email confirmation link, second access

When a user clicks for the second time on the email confirmation link, the browser page returns directly the error text because the email address is already validated and the token is invalid: {“statusCode”: 400, “error”: “Bad Request”, “message”: “token.invalid”}
Is it possible to redirect that error page to an HTML template to show the user a better feedback? I’d like to show a page saying something like “Hey, you already confirmed the email address”

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A message like this one is equivalent to: “Hey, you already used that password”. I would not recommend to modify it. You can use extensions to modify it, but that would mean that in the future if there are some updates to the user-permissions you will need to copy them manually into your extension file.


I totally agree with you, it’s my client’s request but I’ll try to explain better the downsides of using an extension for that.
I just tried to check if there was a simpler solution. Thanks

I have this problem too! :thinking:
Is there already a solution? How can I get a better return value?
Maybe with “message: confirmed”?

Thanks in advance!

Ayone , is it resolved now ? cause I get the same problem in strapi v4

Still no good solution here?

Any solution?