Email confirmation not working with registration and resend email in strpai v4

with resend email

with registration

node version 14.17.4
strapi version 4.0.0

resend email verify from vue js using graphql

Hey there! Not sure if you’ve already solved it but try to make these two changes:

  1. add “api/” to the confirmation email url. The easiest workaround is to go to Settings > Email Template and then changing the url to http://localhost:1337/api/auth/email-confirmation?confirmation=<%= CODE %>

  2. go to Settings > Role > Public and allow emailConfirmation

I hope that works :slight_smile:

I have done this but still not working

if you are still looking for solution checkout this solution worked for me
Strapi email confirmation is not working properly. I click the link and nothing happens - Stack Overflow.