Email setup on Ubuntu ""

Good day to all,
I’m currently setting up a strapi installation on an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS server.
However I have come across a bit of a pickle regarding the emails.
Does anyone have advice on how to setup the email to work when resetting a password or newly registered users.
I have setup sendmail on the server and on the strapi api, yet I get the pretty troublesome error:


Any advice on how to get this matter solved in as little time possible?

If you are using the default provider, make sure you install the sendmail package: sudo apt install sendmail

Did that,
Still same error

"statusCode": 400,
     "error": "Bad Request",
     "message": [
             "messages": [
                     "id": "",
                     "message": "Please provide valid email address."

Did you configure sendmail ? As far as I know, you need to configure it before using it. In addition, I heard others saying it is easier to use a third-party service such as sendgrid, mailgun, etc. than setting up sendmail.

This issue probably is able to help you.

Hope these references helps too :
Strapi Email provider list
How to configure Strapi Email provider (plugin)

@SorinGFS I believe you had some interaction on properly configured sendmail right?

Test mail seems to be working using sendmail,
But no such luck on:
or the confirm account trigger for:
(only these 2 have I tested)

I didn’t say anything on this topic, did you ask me? :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah it was probably someone else, sorry got confused

Are you sending { data: { email: } } ?

you should use the json only with { email: }

The Auth controller will extract the email from ctx.request.body , it the email is inside the data the result will be “undefined” and the regex that tests the email will fail

Thus the error