Email Verification

Hi everyone,

Im trying to get a custom flow built for user email verification. I understand the default verification built into the users/permissions plugin seems to handle this well. However, when activated, it doesn’t allow users to login who are not verified.

Is there a way to change this behaviour so that users can login, so that I can then restrict access as they are “unverified”?

The use case here is a sign-up process which creates an account and logs a user in automatically, with verification being prompted after the sign-up process is complete. The current force-logout behaviour makes this impossible!

Trying to avoid a custom solution, ie sending my own verification emails and verifying tokens in a custom user meta field (unless its the only option!).


Well this is a great idea, because when such thing as unverified users cannot login is kinda annoying, so i think that finding a solution must be top priority here

I have integrated an api based on
While they are login in or signing in i am validating their email address against the api
That way all unvalid email are removed from my users DB