Embedding custom fields/content in the rich text editor

I want to embed some quotes (with quote and quoter fields) inside the body of a post content. I followed the tutorial to make it like a reusable component in a dynamic zone, but that seems to work for a scenario in which the quote + quoter is the footer of an article. I need more a pluggable thing (like a markdown tag) that can be fitted inside the article body at some specific position. What should I do? Is there any way to extend the WYSIWYG editor to plug additional functionalities, since the quote markdown function is too simple?

@ro-nin - did you manage to embed content in the rich text editor ?

It’s quite late, but I just stumbled upon this issue and haven’t seen the answer on another forum.
But here’s my solution: You can use a reusable component with Rich Text (for the body), a Text field for the quote, and another Text field for the quoter, with these last two nested within another reusable component.

I hope it helps you or anyone else facing this issue.