Entry creation for multilevel model with media field

Hi, guys. I’ve designed a model as ‘Employee’, employee has a repeatable component ‘Experience’ with other text fields and experience contains a media field again with other text fields.
When I’m trying to create an entry for employee with its components, it is inserting text fields data into database, but its failing for media field. it sending empty object.

I am passing FormData for media field as refereed in Restaurant example in the Strapi documentation.
Can anyone help me in this.

Thanks in advance,

Same here… Sonu, did you get any resolution on this?

Do you have a repeatable component which contains the media field? Can you share how exactly you are try to upload file into it?

Thanks for following up on this. I have a large number of json files. Each json file has an array of items like below. Each item has a link to a binary file. I have created a matching Content Type in Strapi with a Media field for the binary file (DCM field below). Is there any example Node JS code to POST the data via the web service? I also have a C# program that needs to POST items to the web service.
Thank you.

“gantry”: 359.978,

"table": 1.16016,

"collimator": 0,

"field_center": [0, 0],

"bb_center": [0.0800456, -0.039692],

"bb_offset_from_field_center": [0.0800456, -0.039692],

"DCM": "\\\\rovarianimage\\VA_TRANSFER\\QA\\2.IGRT\\Edge\\20-10-21_06-57-09\\RI.",

"user": "masencio",

"MV": true

… ]

So the json above is actually your content type, right?
And the DCM is just a string that holds the path of a file? You don’t need to upload it into strapi, you need only the path of “external source”?

That would be easy to do… but what I wanted is to have a Media field and store the binary data in DB. So, Strapi is not intended to do this?.. It seems like the Media type is designed for manual data entry?.. Thanks again for your replies… I am still new to Strapi & exploring the features…

similar issue here with nested image lists
In my boostrap, i have my files defined as such

"post.list.0.images.0": getFileData('Keypoint1_Top_No_Glow@2x.png'),
"post.list.0.images.1": getFileData('Keypoint1_Bottom_No_Glow@2x.png'),
"post.list.0.titleImage": getFileData('Keypoint1_Cursor@2x.png'),
... // other image uploaded afterwards

i am then uploading using

strapi.entityService.uploadFiles(createdEntry, files, {  model,  });

All images get uploaded, and titleImage does get assigned correctly, but the first two are not assigned. the images object is supposed to be a list of media but my data used in the query is always an empty array

i’ve tried giving an array of a specific size when creating the entry to no avail

Is this not supported yet?