Erratic behaviors of sorts in strapi admin panel

I installed the latest strapi on a digitalocean ubuntu22 server at initial glance everything appears fine, but the more I use the CMS the more I encounter all kinds of erratic behaviors while saving/deleting different entities. I can’t understand what’s going on since it’s not always consistent or reproducible but it’s highly unstable.

For example if you look at these screenshots, I attempted to create a new content type, and when I saved it I got an error. Upon inspecting the network requests I see various repeat requests to the /content-type-builder/components endpoint where the first one (the POST) succeeds, and then a series of repeat attempts (PUT) fail saying that the component already exists. Why is it trying to save several times? I’m not sure.

In another screenshot you’ll see weird errors in the console that appeared when I try to add a component to a dynamic zone, and it blows up entirely resulting in a blank page.

I’ve seen other strange buggy behaviors but I haven’t been documenting them all, but for example random errors when saving content types or components and the data doesn’t save, etc.

Do other folks struggle with stability in strapi? Is strapi cloud more reliable? Any thoughts/comments appreciated.

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That’s looks like incorrect nginx config

I have no clue how you are serving your strapi instance, but this errors looks like some incorrect configuration

For instance if correctly set up you should not see 1337 port in requests

Try this article

<@632956853122236457> thanks for your help