Error 400 in strapi-provider-email-smtp and login


I try to add sending email to confirm registration user, but I’m gettinig error 400 and request takes a long time and in admin panel in User I get new user without Confirmed. If I’ll deselect “Enable email confirmation” in Advances Settings, I have 200 code and new user is with Confirmed. In Redirection url is http:// localhost: 3000 but I tried with 1337 and without www and no change. I can to change nothing in E-mail Settings.

I tried [SUBMIT] Easily send emails in Production · Issue #259 · strapi/community-content · GitHub but the best thing was the html code with the error as title and “http:// localhost: undefinedundefinedundefined” in the console and error 400.

I tried strapi-provider-email-sendgrid but I don’t have via something.something as adress email and I cannot to add for example CMAKE. and changing to another mailer = Doing it all over again.

I try with strapi-provider-email-smtp

I don’t know why I have error when user login in. I have the same 400 code.

Please help me.
I want that when the user sends an email and clicks on the link, they are taken to the page I want and they can log in.

Me repo: GitHub - jukialen/Portal_for_artists at strapi.
I create new user in frontend/src/components/organisms/NavForm.

I use Docker, React, axios, REST api and Postgres.

System Information
  • **Strapi Version strapi/strapi:3.6.8-node14:
  • **Operating System WIndows 10:
  • **Database postgres:11.13-stretch:
  • **Node Version v14.17.6:
  • **NPM Version 7.20.3: