Error during project creation

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npx create-strapi-app@latest my-project --quickstart

even the beta doesn’t work


Why are you tagging the moderation team? Are you trying to tell us you haven’t read the rules?

^ what he said, please read <#811989167357689917>

Sorry but I needed an answer. And I finally got my answer on my own.

version lts v18.20.3 doesn’t work, nor v20

this command doesn’t work npx create-strapi-app@latest my-project --quickstart

If you remove the qucikstart and configure à la mano, it works, why ???

The tool worked great 1 year ago and now it’s impossible to install, the commands in the doc don’t work.

The video tutorial dates from v3, but we’re about to upgrade to v5, so why the delay ???

the ia bot indicates a v14 or v16 version when the doc indicates something else, why ???

I need answers to my questions, hence the ping, because otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten any answers.

the tool looks cool to use but the documentation is not clear and it’s really a hindrance to use it, nothing is clear and no quick response from support.

You don’t seem to recognise: We’re annoyed you’re pinging a role that is to fix moderation problems not provide support.

Help provided on this server is on a voluntary basis and if you need support from Strapi staff you can use one of their support plans

As you’ve said your problem is resolved, I will be locking this. Do not ping moderators for not moderation purposes again!