Error inserting image into CKEditor5

System Information
  • 4.1.11:
  • macos 11.6.5:
  • mysql:
  • 16.15.0:
  • 8.5.5:

I have successfully installed the ckeditor plugin from the Strapi marketplace and can edit text well. I am getting an error however when trying to upload either 8 or 24bit transparent pngs. This error is happening when clicking the ‘Finish’ button in the media browser with an image selected. (main.510a0375.js:16773 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object).

Note I am triggering media library selector from the CKeditor toolbar

Strangely enough I can drag and drop a transparent png into the editor and this will upload successfully.

Any ideas on how to support transparent png via selecting from the media library modal?