Error loading images from external url

I have correctly installed STRAPI connected correctly with S3, when I upload images from my PC it uploads normal without problems, but when I try to upload an image from an external URL, it does not work, as seen in the image. In the console I do not get any type of error, I can not know what is happening. Should I do any additional configuration?
I hope you can help me, thank you.!
error strapi|690x295

The feature you are referring to about uploading from a remote URL was removed due to a security risk. Was there a specific way you trying to do this upload as that option shouldn’t exist in the Admin anymore.

I installed the latest version of Strapi and it had that function. I believe that this function should be maintained, for my project it would be very helpful to be able to upload images from URL and no longer be downloading them to upload them again. I hope you can give continuity to this function.

The current latest version is v3.4.4 and the last version to support that option was v3.2.4.

It was removed due to the following CVE: Server-side Request Forgery (SSRF) in strapi | Snyk

We will not re-add it until a proper fix is found for it, which at this time is a low priority.