Error: role "admin" does not exist


I’m facing an issue, I installed a new app and I cannot get it to run at all.
The DB exists and postgres runs properly.

Here are the steps:

npx create-strapi-app@latest .
? Choose your installation type Custom (manual settings)
? Choose your preferred language JavaScript
? Choose your default database client postgres
? Database name: testdb
? Host:
? Port: 5432
? Username: admin
? Password: ********
? Enable SSL connection: No

Creating a project with custom database options.
Creating a new Strapi application at /Users/<USERNAME>/Documents/GitHub/backend.
Creating files.
Dependencies installed successfully.
Initialized a git repository.

Your application was created at /Users/<USERNAME>/Documents/GitHub/backend.

Available commands in your project:

  npm run develop
  Start Strapi in watch mode. (Changes in Strapi project files will trigger a server restart)

  npm run start
  Start Strapi without watch mode.

  npm run build
  Build Strapi admin panel.

  npm run strapi
  Display all available commands.

You can start by doing:

  cd /Users/<USERNAME>/Documents/GitHub/backend
  npm run develop

npm run develop

> backend@0.1.0 develop
> strapi develop

⠋ Building build context
[INFO] Including the following ENV variables as part of the JS bundle:
✔ Building build context (67ms)
✔ Creating admin (5662ms)
⠹ Loading Strapi[ERROR]  There seems to be an unexpected error, try again with --debug for more information. error: role "admin" does not exist

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