Error with sharp module after merge

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I really don’t know why I’m having this error
Like usually do, I make pull, auto-merge, docker-compose build backend, but now I’m having this error, and I’m trying to figure out why, if I go one commit before, it works fine.

I’m work on Windows 10 and have same issue at OLD project.
But if I’m install strapi from zero (3.5.3) - all is ok.

You can install strapi from zero and copy you code with caution to new zero-installed strapi version.
In my case it’s work

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Im worinkg on Windows 10 too, and have the same issue, what I did was delete the users-permissions folder, npm run start, and then put the “new” folders that I had on users-permission with custom controllers, services, etc. (without the models folder) and work. But my main issue is that on Windows + docker compose, now it works, but on my droplet on digitalocean, it does not.

At the end, I delete the folder and make git clone myProjectUrl, and work. Thanks

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