Execute Create Query inside the custom Controller

I’ve created the table named as verification-code which is linked with user table. Need to create entry into the verification-code table with relevant user.
Here is my code
const user = await strapi.db.query(‘plugin::users-permissions.user’).findOne({ email });
if (!user) {
return ctx.throw(400, ‘User not found’);

    const resetCode = Math.floor(1000 + Math.random() * 9000).toString();

    await strapi.db.query('api::verification-code').create({
        data: {
            code: resetCode,
            user: user.id,

It gives me the error as
Error: Model api::verification-code not found

Hello @TA_Series,

Check your database please, does the table verification-code exists? Is it created?

Also could you share a screenshot of your folder structure inside ./src/api to checkt the collections there?