Experiences using Aurora Serverless V2 engine with Strapi?

Hi all!

I’m new to Strapi, having started out with 4.5.0 a few weeks ago, and am loving it so far. Mainly using it as a backend with the GraphQL plugin.

Recently, I’ve been looking into configuring persistence - backing database, Media Library, etc. I note Strapi supports MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL (as well as SQLite, of course). For very understandable reasons it seems the officially supported list doesn’t include managed database offerings, even if they come in “flavours” that purport to be compatible. I was however drawn to AWS’ Aurora Serverless V2 offering for its scalability mostly, although the cross-region read replicas and features meant to be good for multi-tenancy also will likely be useful for me. I’m really not a DBA and don’t really want to get my hands super dirty with upkeep, patching, etc, so trying to find a decent middle ground is also of particular interest to me.

I’ve been trying Strapi out with the Aurora Postgres 14.5 Engine to get a sense for what gaps there might be (if any). Thus far I’ve been evaluating things from just the architectural perspective, nothing complicated going on in the CMS yet - just a simple custom schema and a placeholder page or two. I can’t really see any downsides at the moment - it all looks solid - and I’m wondering if maybe it’s just too good to be true haha.

So, open question - does anyone have any experiences with using Aurora with Strapi they’d be willing to share? (or any other managed DB offerings similar or analogous?) Any pro tips, or things you wish you’d known sooner?

Many thanks, have a good one.

Hey, did you find a solution for this?