Extend Admin UI for packages/core/upload

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 4.16.2

Hi, I’m trying to extend the PendingAssetStep.jsx from packages/core/upload.
I found a possibility to do this with patch-package, which is not ideal.

Is there already a possibility in Strapi 4.x to do that in a more elegant way or is it still the only option?

Thanks in advance,

Nope and in v4 version 4.15.1 and above doing this with patch package is no longer posible

@Boegie19 Thanks for your quick answer!
Yes, I just realized that my changes are not working with patch-package.
So, only option for us is to fork full strapi, right?

Sedly enough yes

what about doing a plugin?

@LuisAlaguna I tried this approach, but found no way extending PendingAssetStep.jsx from packages/core/upload with a plugin. Do you know how that could be done?

Time to ask on the discord channel.

It is simpely not possible witout forking the original plugin and replacing it that is the only way

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