Extended GraphQL types

Hello, I’m extending my GraphQL Query type, and I wanted to know if there is any way to let the User-Permission plugin know that I want it to handle the permissions for that extended query, instead of using a policy for that query.

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Only thing users-permissions does is find enabled or disabled if it is enabled you can query it if disabled you can’t

if you want someting more spesific you would have to use a custom policy

you can specify it in the resolversConfig:

resolversConfig: {
    "Query.menuById": {
      auth: {
        scope: ["api::menu-item.menu-item.find"]
      policies: ["global::is-organisation-owner"],

Above you can see that I use a policy and also ensure that the user has been granted the find permission for the specific entity
You can use auth: true, if you need to ensure the user is authenticated.