Extending a plugins admin interface

I am trying to extend a plugin’s admin UI. The docs under

Plugins extension - Strapi Developer Docs

state that one have to place a strapi-admin.js under extensions/ folder. However, nothing under extensions//admin/src get included to the app when browser opens. I start strapi develop with source-maps enabled, and nothing in the extension folder is picked up.

I digged also into the code and found

strapi/index.js at master · strapi/strapi · GitHub

which seems to search for admin extensions under the src/admin/extensions folder. But even this did not work out. I also found

https:// github .com/strapi/strapi/blob/master/packages/core/strapi/lib/core/loaders/plugins/index.js#L28

but this seems to just apply backend side extension code.

Is the admin part of the extension documentation up to date? Do you know any examples where a plugin’s admin UI is being extended?

Any hints welcome.


I second this question! Would love to see documentation with examples.

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Any help with this ? Getting the same problem.

Unfortunately there is currently no easy way to customize the plugin’s admin ui.

They have added a new note on their docs that if you’re looking to customize the ui, consider using patch-package and edit the plugin’s source code from node_modules.

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Not a good practice unfortunately.