Extending "create" function


is there a way to extendthe ‘create’ function?

When creating a new entry, I want the app to do something while creating it (for example, set some data that should be automatically set and not by the user).

My current intention is to extend this function, execute the original function, and then depending on the data, do something or not.

I have tried to simply adding the function in the controller but it does not seem to be executed when I add a new entry.

Any help is appreciated.

Checkout my response on this issue here (Very bottom comment from March 24th): How to get "createdBy" and "updatedBy" in returned data? - #5 by Ivanho92 You would do it the same way but just replace the find method with create.

Thanks for your reply!

Unfortunately it does not solve my issue.

I have already tried this, but this only works when I call the function from the API. It does not actually go through this when I create a new entry from the Content Manager.

What I am trying to override is how “create new entry” from a content type should behave once it is created (some special conditional checks, autopopulate some data, etc).


I still can’t solve the issue, but I think it is more related to this links topic.