Extending Strapi Data from Providers

I would like to extend data from providers like GitHub,Google,… within Strapi. As per the Strapi Documentation (Users & Permissions | Strapi Documentation) on External Providers, behind the scenes, Strapi interacts with providers to fetch user profiles, matching them based on email addresses.

But what if we want to save additional data from these providers, such as names? Is it possible to extend Strapi’s capabilities in this way?

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I think you can do this. On the last step (#7 from your documentation link), when you get redirected back to /connect//redirect, the front-end code gets the JWT, and can optionally save other data (in this case, to localStorage). An example of the front-end handling this is here:

Notice that it saves a couple items:

        localStorage.setItem('jwt', res.jwt);
        localStorage.setItem('username', res.user.username);

I think there’s more in the res.user object that you can introspect :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, that’s not what i was looking for.
I want to save the data in Strapi, without an additional POST on the callback page…

Anyway, thanks for you answer!