Facing issue with Import-export cli command within container hosted webapp in Azure cloud

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We have deployed strapi in container hosted webapplication in Azure cloud. We are trying to export and import the data & assetts by using strapi import-export CLI commands.But we are facing some issue while importing.

Note : We are trying to export the data from DEV environment and then delete the entries & assets from the strapi UI & then try to import the same file on DEV Environment.


145330c92a9e:/opt/app# npm run strapi import – -f export_20240415053724.tar.gz.enc

cms@0.1.0 strapi
strapi import -f export_20240415053724.tar.gz.enc

? Please enter your decryption key [hidden]
? The import will delete your existing data! Are you sure you want to proceed? Yes
Starting import…
[2024-04-15 05:40:48.146] error: [FATAL] restore failed Error: The backup folder for the assets could not be created inside the public folder. Please ensure Strapi has write permissions on the public directory
Import process failed.