Fetch nested fields by default

System Information
  • strapi version: 3.1.5
  • os: ubuntu 18.04
  • db:sqlite

Hi everyone,

I use Strapi as a config store, which could be changed by my teammates.
What opportunities do I have to fetch all nested data with one query (i.e. my-strapi-server.io/config)?

Is it possible to code general ids resolver, which would fetch all nested relations?
Can autoPopulate prop help with the task? Is it possible to set its value true by default even for new fields/components?

Do I miss something? Maybe there are other options?

You want to return all content types and their relations by requesting a single route. Did I understand you correctly?

I have a master table with relations one-to-one to other tables. It allows me to change presets fast.
The presets have relations too, but I receive only ids.

I know that I can write custom queries for relations, but the structure of the config changes, and I want all future changes to be done with web UI.