Fight with url of strapi content API

System Information
  • **Strapi Version3.5.2:
  • **Operating SystemMACOs:
  • **DatabaseSQL:
  • **Node Version10.22.0:
  • NPM Version:
  • Yarn Version:

i am new in Strapi, and i am fighting with content api, to request and get my content-types content !
This is probably simple, but i guess i missed something…

i build an admin interface first on my machine (in local)
the server is launched at http://localhost:1337/admin

i checked the roles & permissions “find” for all my content-types, to allow to get them with api.

in my website (which is totally separated), i make request to get content with axios
for example, to get content-type ‘header’ :
axios.get('http://localhost:1337/header').then(response => {...});

it works .

Then i a have deployed my strapi app on my own server (O2Switch)
The app is in a folder named ‘admin’ at the root of my website.

The url to see it is

The admin panel works well.

But from my online website, which is now the url of api to get content ?
http://localhost:1337/header is not good (it works when i launch local server but it is not my goal !)
I do not understand how to configure it…
When i try to get content with axios.get('') for example, it returns me html content but no json content.

thanks !

Hey @Dev_Anquetin,

Just like you did with your local server, you need to remove /admin from the url. just works fine and gets you the JSON.
Everything under /admin will lead you to the admin panel.

hi @MattieBelt and thanks !!
there was so simple…

Haha yep, no problem. Good luck!