File upload to customer controller stopped working in 4.20.4?

File uploading to a custom controller worked in 4.15.0 but since upgrading to 4.20.4 we have noticed file uploads to our custom controllers have stopped working.

Anyone have the same issue or any ideas?

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File upload to custom controller stopped working in 4.20.4?

This is a blocker in our busines atm

You probably want to share your controllers code

Other then that you can look for commits on upload…

I think the resent change was size in bytes

Just a guess that it might actually affect custom controller code

But that pull is only for tests it seems you need to find earlier one

thanks, i went through all the releases and commits to try track something down but could not find anything obvious. I saw the ‘sizeInBytes’ change but doubt that would break anything.

I have more info on the issue I have raised:

Controller code:

export default factories.createCoreController('', ({ strapi }) => ({
  async create(ctx) {
    const files = ctx.request.files // <- this is now empty {}
    const filess = ctx.request.body.files // <- this is '[object Object]'

    return strapi.service('').create({files});

Its turns out this was an issue from our frontend :confused: . How embarassing. This is not an issue with strapi. This has been solved.

Thanks for your input!