Filter with $containsi(not case-sensitive) parameter, doesn't work with cyrillic

System Information
  • **Strapi Version4.5.5:
  • **Operating SystemUbuntu 20.04:
  • **Databasebetter-sqlite3": "7.4.6:
  • **Node Version16.8.0:
  • **NPM Version7.24.2:
  • Yarn Version:

In database i got ingredient with name “Чикен хит”
Request - “/api/ingredients?sort[0]=nameru:asc&pagination[pageSize]=24&pagination[page]=1&populate=&filters[nameru][$containsi]=чик" - does not give me this ingredient, while request - "/api/ingredients?sort[0]=nameru:asc&pagination[pageSize]=24&pagination[page]=1&populate=&filters[nameru][$containsi]=Чик” does.
Filtering with latin symbols work fine.
Please, help


the same problem. did you solve it?