Filtering on nested array items

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I have a blogs collection with tags attached to each blog item. I need to filter based on tags on the collection.


          "title": "first blog",
          "slug": "first-blog",
          "filters": {
            "country_tags": [{ "name": "First Tag", "slug": "first-tag" },{ "name": "Second Tag", "slug": "second-tag" }]
        "title": "Second blog",
        "slug": "second-blog",
        "filters": {
          "country_tags": [{ "name": "First Tag", "slug": "first-tag" }]

I tried filtering using complex queries ( using _where)


But not able to perform the filtering properly, find endpoint returns an empty array
please help or refer any document

Hi, having the exact same issue here and couldn’t find any workarounds

Hi, are you using version 4 beta?

Imho this should work in your case:
filters: { country_tags: { slug: { eq: "first-tag"}}}