Forbidden access

I’m working on a strapi project on the backend and next.js on the frontend, I managed to configure strapi on localhost by running “npm i” and “npm run develop” commands, but when I do npm i and npm run dev in the frontend folder it gives me this error on the screen

And in the terminal on the backend this message appears
[2023-09-19 11:35:15.683] error: Forbidden access
ForbiddenError: Forbidden access
at Object.verify (C:\Users\LucasDiasGimenez\Documents\projetos\Portal-RGS\backend\node_modules@strapi\plugin-users-permissions\server\strategies\users-permissions.js:106:11)

From what I researched, this error has to do with the frontend trying to access strapi routes that it doesn’t have permission to, if that’s the case, should I make the routes public? Or do I have to configure authentication in the code?