Force same type on enums in GraphQL


We have several components that feature the same enumeration. That is, each component (ComponentTilesTypeA, ComponentTilesTypeB) features an enumeration field (order) with the same name and the exact same answering options.

These components can be placed within a dynamic zone, which we query with a GraphQL query like this:

fragment TileContent on ProductTilesDynamicZone {
  ... on ComponentTilesTypeA {
  ... on ComponentTilesTypeB {

where order is the enumeration field. Because Strapi assigns each enum a different type, this query leads to a validation error with GraphQL:

  "error": {
    "errors": [
        "message": "Fields \"order\" conflict because they return conflicting types \"ENUM_COMPONENTTILESTYPEA_ORDER!\" and \"ENUM_COMPONENTTILESTYPEB_ORDER!\". Use different aliases on the fields to fetch both if this was intentional.",

Is there any way to force Strapi to use the same type for these enums programmatically? I looked into the GraphQL API documentation but I didn’t find anything on modifying types.
Or can anyone think of other potential solutions?

Options considered but not deemed good enough:

  • Using different aliases in the query for order in every component type. This adds significant complexity to the client.
  • Creating a component X that contains only the enumeration field. Then add a field for component X to the components of the dynamic zone. This significantly complicates the user interface and structure of the response.

Options tried leading to an error:

  • Setting the same “Name override for GraphQL” for all enum fields. Leads to a fatal error when the server starts.


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I’m experiencing this exact same problem and looking for a solution.

Any updates or workarounds aside from the ones mentioned?